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NetPlatform, Inc. is a technology management and service firm specializing in IT infrastructure. We maintain consulting specialties in emerging technology infrastructure services such as wireless LAN, security and mobility solutions.

Our goal is to be your trusted technology advisor; we believe that we can best achieve that goal together using these guiding principles in our business relationship.

Technology is an infrastructure service; it should provide functional benefit to users, not frustration. We design our services to provide our customers with a high level of security and availability for their technology infrastructure and to manage, maintain, operate and improve it toward that goal.
Appropriate Technology

NetPlatform views technology as a means to an end, not an end in itself. It is a business resource, and as such, must fulfill business requirements to be valuable and successful.

NetPlatform views our customers as partners. To provide the value and service benefits desired, we work together to understand your business, its needs and goals. We also apply our experience across a wide range of businesses and industries, so we can provide you with effective services and technologies to advance your business and achieve your business objectives.